Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall


You often hear, "it is all in the details" when designing an aesthetically pleasing space.

It is so much more then the color palette or the fabric selections. It is the little thoughtful elements that make a lovely space complete and transform it from good to great, mirrors are the "perfect something" that can help make this happen.

Want to make a slight or dramatic change to an interior - add a mirror, or two, or three. How about a wall of mirror or multiples of the same mirror. Mirrors reflect light. Mirrors make your room feel larger and add depth. Mirrors are a great answer for that certain space you needed "just the right thing for". Cluster small, medium and large mirrors - the effect will be amazing.

I LOVE doors that are mirrored too........but, there is nothing more dramatic then an unexpected, oversized mirror in an interior - in the dining room, living room, foyer, hallway, bathroom, dressing room and even in the bedroom.

Every room in your house should have a mirror. Need help decorating? Send me a message!