Utilizing Oversized Art

Is an oversized piece of art to daring to make it a focal point in a room? I don't think so! 

Be bold, highlight a favorite piece of art. Imagine the impact it would have in one of your rooms. I always tell my clients that if they see something they love, buy it. We will find a place for it. The same goes with art. Buy the art you love... we will boost its impact hand in hand with your interior. 

Art is subjective. Money is something that can be measured, art is not. It only matters how you feel about it - based on Bells definition of art as an aesthetic emotion one feels, art is subjective. People will experience aesthetic emotion, but the reason they have experienced it may not be the same. He states that, "we have no other means of recognizing art than our feeling for it."

Find a piece of art. An oversized piece of art. See what it can do to a room. Need help with your design? Send me a message!