Out of the Box

Do you have an old armoire, or, "wardrobe," which was originally meant to be used as a closet? Or what about a television cabinet that were all the rage before flat screens came about. Do you still use them? How do you use them?

Start thinking out of the box! Leftover Luxuries gets at least one of the above in every other week. So many people have these and don't see a use for them anymore. Get creative. Here are so many different ideas you can use to turn an "old" piece of furniture into a GREAT piece of furniture!!

Don't be afraid to paint them or line them with wallpaper, mirror, or fabric. Change the doors or take them off. So many things can be done.........I love the "birdcage" idea, bar, changing table, garden, tools, crafts, vanities and even just painting them and making them the focal point again!!

Think out of the box. If you would love to do one of these but, don't know how to start - call me!