Celebrating LOCAL Artist


Happy Anniversary to us!  I cannot believe it has been a year already in our new location. Love our store front windows, the high ceilings and all the space we have to display so many amazing items that need new homes!

One of my favorite things from this past year is being able to support LOCAL artist.   There is a 24' wall here in the store that I decided would be the perfect place to display art.  It was really the first thing I thought about - what a perfect place for us to help support and display LOCAL art.

Art is truly subjective.  Money is something that can be measured: art is not.  It only matters how you feel about it - based on Bell's definition of art as an aesthetic emotion, but the reason they have experienced it may not be the same.  He states that "we have no other means of recognizing art than our feeling for it."

I love supporting anything LOCAL, specifically local artist here in Charlottesville and surrounding areas.  This month we are supporting, displaying and would like to thank all of the artist that have participated in our first year here in our new location.   

All art will be up and displayed starting Thursday, October 5th.  We will be celebrating all of them for the entire month of October.  Please come on in.  We are open weekly, Wednesday - Saturdays, 10am - 6pm and Sundays, 12-5pm.

If you missed seeing any of our artist, here is your chance!

For more information on all of the artist displayed, please click on their name below.

Lesli Devito     Sunny Goode    Kathy Walmsley    Scheline Crutchfield    Fax Ayers   Sarah Trundle

Karyn Smith     Nancy Wallace    Helen Hilliard    Dani Renchard